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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Astana (Single Attached) ₱ 0 78 sqm
Bella (Single Attached) ₱ 0 68 sqm
Clara (Single Attached) ₱ 0 78 sqm
Fiona (Bungalow) ₱ 0 66 sqm
Gazelle (Single Attached) ₱ 0 89 sqm
Geia (Bungalow) ₱ 0 58 sqm
Jodie (2-Storey) ₱ 0 54.50 sqm
Maureen (Bungalow) ₱ 0 40 sqm
Talia (2-Storey) ₱ 0 54 sqm
Ysabelle ₱ 0 55 sqm

Why Should You Invest In Calmar Homes? Calmer Land - The Renowned Builders

Calmar Land is one of the developers extremely popular in the real estate industry imparting happy homes to thousands since many years. Calmar Land has been one of those rare brands that have completed cent percent of the projects taken in hand. Calmar Land builds properties that well understand the requirements and desires of the general masses.

Unending Essential Amenities and Features

Calmar Homes is a destination that offers a bundle of luxuriant amenities and essential features such that the residents can experience a lifestyle full of comforts. With the concrete and fine construction of each and every unit, Calmar Homes also accommodates a huge number of recreational activities and spacious build ups for the beneficial living of the residents.

Secure Living at Calmar Homes

Calmar Homes are secure and safe for the living of the residents. It has a guard house and trained security professionals who take care of the security of the property as well as the residents. All the activities going on in Calmar Homes is attentively monitored by these security professionals.

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