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Calmar Homes is located at Brgy. Kanlurang Mayao, Lucena City, Quezon.

Calmar Homes is located in Quezon in the city of Lucena at Brgy. The prime location of Calmar Homes makes it one of those properties that stay close to all that is required to lead a comfortable and luxurious life. Located nearby are luxuriant shopping malls, health care centers, schools as well as universities, retail counters as well as tourist attractions. These essential nearby located attractions collectively work to impart a comfortable lifestyle to the residents of Calmar Homes.

1. MMG General Hospital - The location of a healthcare center is of extreme importance for the residents of any property. The MMG General Hospital is located only at a distance of five-hundred meters. Hence, in any emergency situation, the residents of Calmer Homes can easily and quickly avail the services of the hospital.

2. CEFI - A famous educational foundation names CEFI is located at a distance of five-hundred meters from Calmer Homes. Having such an important organization located nearby makes Carmer Homes a property worth investment and the resale value is expected to hike in the upcoming years.

3. East Grove - Another community located extremely close to Calmer Homes that can be reached by just a tiny travel of two-hundred meters. Therefore, it becomes easy for the residents of Calmer Homes to meet neighbors and friends of the other community.

4. SM Lucena City - A lavish shopping mall located at a distance of only two kilometers. The residents of Calmer Homes can reach the mall by a quick drive. The mall offers hi-class brands and showrooms that bring the chance of luxuriant shopping for the residents of Calmer Homes.

5. Lucena City Proper - Situated at a distance of three kilometers is Lucena City Proper that offers any and everything that a person can ask for. All the necessary commodities and the luxuries of life can be availed within minutes.

6. Lucena Grand Terminal - Lucena Grand Terminal is located at just a distance of two and a half kilometers away from Calmer Homes making it easy and quick for the residents to reach the destination.

7. Pacific Mall - A giant shopping mall located just at a distance of around three kilometers from Calmer Homes. The residents can avail the luxury of shopping with the best of brands having this mesmerizing shopping mall located nearby. Not only the top most brands but also several food stations offering delicious delicacies are available at Pacific Mall.

8. St. Anne College - Located at a distance of three and a half kilometers from Calmer Homes St. Anne College can be reached within minutes wasting almost no time in traffic. Hence, the youth residing at Calmer Homes can save a lot of traveling time that can be invested elsewhere in something productive.

Nearby Landmarks

  • MMG General Hospital – 500 Meters
  • CEFI – 500 Meters
  • East Grove – 200 meters
  • SM Lucena City – 2 km
  • Lucena City Proper – 3 KM
  • Lucena Grand Terminal – 2.5 KM
  • Pacific Mall – 3 KM
  • St. Anne Collage – 2.5 KM
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