Calmar Homes - AMENITIES

1. Club House - A lavish club house is one of the most attractive amenities of Calmar Homes which is jam packed with hell lot of indoor recreational activities for the residents. Also, the clubhouse can be used for the meetings, gatherings, and discussions of the members of the property.

2. Swimming Pool - A huge size swimming pool is present in Calmar Homes for the residents to take full advantage of. A refreshed dip in the pool can be anytime planned and executed while residing at Calmer Homes.

3. Basketball Court - A vast basketball court is present in Calmar Homes such that the kids and the youth get an opportunity to practice and play the sport each day. Sports like basketball not just help a body to stay fit but also relax the mind to the core.

4. Main Entrance And Guard House - Calmar Homes has a good security system and a guard house incorporated in the property to keep a check on the incoming non-residential members such that a secure living of the residents is well maintained. The guard house has trained security guards who are dedicated to serving the residents of Calmar Homes.

5. Concrete Wide Roads - Calmar Homes is a living community designed with concrete and smooth wide roads for the movement of automobiles. The roads are around eight meters wide.

6. Concrete Sidewalk Along With Gutters And Curbs - Along with wide and concrete roads for the movement of automobiles there is also concrete and smooth sidewalks for the easy movement of people.

7. Children's Playing Area - A play area in the outdoors is available for the kids to play and have fun and frolic.

8. Jogging Path - A jogging path for all the fitness freaks is another attraction of Calmar Homes. One can easily head out for the morning as well as evening jogging sessions.

9. Perimeter Fencing - The security of Calmer Homes is paid extreme attention to. The perimeter of the property is guarded with firm fencing such that the property and its residents are kept protected and secure.

10. Open Space For Recreational Activities - A spacious, huge and well-maintained open space for the practice of several recreational activities is an additional attractive amenity of Calmer Homes. The open space can be used by the kids to play with their friends and siblings, the elders to have a walk and relax as well as the elderly to spend some quality and relaxed time.

11. Interconnected Water Distribution System - Calmer Homes is one of those properties which give the resident the privilege of 24*7 supply of clean water without any hindrance. Hence, making life an easier one.

12. Overhead Power Distribution Lines - The units of Calmar Homes have overhead power distribution lines that impart undisrupted power supply to the residents.

13. Underground Drainage System - A well-designed underground drainage system has also been incorporated as one of the amenities. A drainage system is extremely important for the good maintenance of a real estate property.

  • Clubhouse 
  • Main Entrance & Guard House 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wide Concrete Roads (min of 8 m wide)
  • Basketball Court
  • Concrete Sidewalk, Curbs and Gutters
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Open Space for recreational activities
  • Interconnected Water Distribution System
  • Jogging Path
  • Overhead power distribution lines
  • Underground Drainage System
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